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British, wife, student, red-head, & woman. I move around a lot.

I loathe prejudice of any kind, I despise intolerance, and ignorance is never ever bliss.

Ko-ko-ro(heart): I wear it on my sleeve. I always have, and always will.

Music: My soul. I cannot comprehend a world without music. Life would be inconceivable. I love punk rock and indie. I've been to more gigs than I've had hot dinners. I love watching bands I love play live. It's my passion, my love, and plays a massive role in my life, both personally and socially.

"If you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long," - The Good Old Days - The Libertines

Interests (133):

abba, akame, akanishi jin, alice nine, american idol, andy warhol, anime, arashi, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, art brut, arthur/eames, babyshambles, baking, black kids, bloc party, bradley james, charles dickens, classic literature, clubbing, colin firth, colin morgan, csi, dancing, david bowie, dickens, dita von teese, doctor who, echo & the bunnymen, elvis presley, fashion, fruits basket, gackt, gravitation, green day, hana yori dango, harry potter, hello kitty, hikaru no go, ice hockey, iggy pop, inception, indie, james mcavoy, jane austen, japan, japanse horror films, jared padalecki, jarvis cocker, jason isaacs, jazz, jeff buckley, jem, jensen ackles, john simm, johnny depp, johnnys entertainment, joseph gordon levitt, joy division, kamenashi kazuya, kanjani8, karaoke, kat-tun, kings of leon, koyamapi, lady gaga, london, lou reed, manga, maximo park, merlin, mgmt, miyavi, motown, ne-yo, new order, new wave, new york dolls, news, nobuta wo produce, oasis, paris, patrick wolf, peter doherty, pikame, pin, pop culture, pop music, prince, prince of tennis, pulp, punk, queer as folk uk, reading, regina spektor, retro, rock, rock n roll, rufus wainright, russell t davies, ryopi, shojo beat, shopping, shounen ai, shounen jump, slash fiction, suede, supernatural, the 80's, the beatles, the clash, the cribs, the cure, the libertines, the pixies, the rolling stones, the smiths, the strokes, theatre, thompson twins, tokyo, tom hardy, tom petty, travel, velvet underground, vintage clothes, weiss kreuz, writing, x-factor, yamapi, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yeah yeah yeahs
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